Articles by Jacob Laksin

Big Developers Get Pinched

When the Supreme Court handed down its verdict in Kelo v. City of New London in June of 2005, few imagined the development industry in the role of victim. On the contrary, most opponents of the decision supposed, not... Read More

Russia's "Official Conservatism"

MOSCOW -- There is a joke the locals here are especially fond of telling. "Which would you prefer: Superficial American smiles or sincere Russian hatred?" The punch line, as many Russians see it, is that no matter what their... Read More

The "Mad Dog of Tripoli" Barks

For a man increasingly hailed as an enlightened despot, Muammar Qaddafi was severely lacking in the former. Making his first appearance in Brussels last week, after 15 years of continental cold shouldering, Qaddafi came with a mission: To shatter... Read More

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