Articles by Jacqueline Pham and Ton Long

Consumed by Myths

Stimulus. Every politician and every pundit has a plan to "stimulate" the economy. Yet very few seem to understand that consumption is not the driver of economic growth. Rather this notion is a relic of old Keynesian thinking and... Read More

No Free Market, No Free market Results

In a new City Journal essay, prominent school voucher advocate Sol Stern declares that competition and choice "may not be a panacea," and recommends that choice supporters shift emphasis to standardizing the curriculum. He's not alone.Conservatives have long champi Read More

Moving Mountains No More

As co-founder of Christians For The Mountains, I encourage church folks to enjoy God¹s creation and be responsible caretakers. Our primary advocacy mission is to end the practice of Mountaintop Removal coal extraction. Historically, coal has been mined by burrowing Read More

Good Morning Vietnam!

This week President Bush will be the second US president to visit Vietnam since the war ended over thirty years ago. He will witness the dynamism of the newly reformed Vietnam—booming construction, bustling businesses, youthful population, noisy motor scooters... Read More

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