Articles by Jagadeesh Gokhale

Are We Really Entitled to This?

The new Congress faces an urgent need to reposition the big entitlement programs, Social Security and Medicare, on a sounder financial footing. With each passing year, these programs' massive fiscal imbalances grow larger, making it harder to solve the... Read More

Congressional Prisoner's Dilemma

Someone recently remarked that "Washington D.C. does not work anymore." That's not entirely true: Congress and the Administration recently passed a dividend tax cut and there's been progress on immigration reform. But regarding the critically important question of Read More

A Mass Delusion

Most have declared the Social Security reform debate dead. But the program still faces financial insolvency, so no action now simply means that the debate is being shifted into the future. Supporters of personal accounts are unlikely to give up... Read More

The Case for (Carve-Out) Personal Accounts

Republican leaders in Congress have been struggling to come up with Social Security legislation that will attract the broadest possible support. That's apparently proving difficult because of lawmakers' wide range of preferences on retirement policy, private pensio Read More

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