James D. Miller: April 2003 Archives

Information Sexternalities

Senator Rick Santorum recently compared homosexuality to incest. In a provocative Slate.com article William Saletan considers "if gay sex is too private to be banned [why can't the same] be said of incest[?]" Avoidable information externalities provide the answer. Read More

The CIA/Zionist 'Plot'

World affairs are being manipulated by a CIA/Zionist cabal. Evidence for it can be found in the fact that most people blame Islamo-fascists for 9/11. But you see, given the damage that 9/11 and other recent events have caused... Read More

Economic Mecca

America should make Iraq the Mecca of economic freedom for the Muslim world. Taxes, regulation, corruption and instability are normally barriers to economic prosperity. In Iraq, however, the U.S. could craft an economy largely free of these impediments. Taxes... Read More

French Freeze

What if our diplomatic fight intensifies and the U.S. and France go to cold war? Some in France seem to consider President Bush a greater threat than Saddam Hussein. France's diplomatic schemes and pressuring of Turkey to bar U.S. ground... Read More

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