James D. Miller: August 2003 Archives

Markets Reward Eco-Terror. So Let's Fix Them.

Eco-terrorists recently torched an auto dealership to protest big American cars. Unless intelligently countered, such economic terrorism might succeed in furthering the terrorists' environmental crusade.   Giving in to terrorists encourages them. Unfortunatel Read More

Robot Economics

Will robots steal all our jobs? Although today's robots may lack the intelligence God gave ants, robots of the future might perform many "human" tasks. Economics shows, however, that humans needn't fret over robot-induced redundancies.   For millennia most... Read More

More Equal Than Others

Wealth has lost some of its privileges. If Bill Gates and I caught the same disease, he could afford better doctors than I. We would both, however, probably use the same pharmaceuticals to treat our condition. While Gates could... Read More

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