James D. Miller: December 2003 Archives

Don't Try Saddam

Saddam Hussein doesn't deserve a trial, and giving him one would pervert justice. Saddam will never go free. It's politically inconceivable that the U.S. would ever accept a final "not guilty" verdict on Saddam. Therefore, giving Saddam some sham... Read More

Power to the People?

Decolonization doesn't usually deliver democracy. To preserve Iraqi freedom, America must maintain a permanent military presence in Iraq. Without the U.S. military, Iraqi politics will quickly degenerate into blood sport. The U.S. will undoubtedly insure the fairn Read More

China's Chance to Conquer Taiwan

Fearing that Taiwan might formally declare independence, China has threatened war. Normally, the U.S. could easily protect Taiwan's de facto sovereignty. A U.S.-North Korean war, however, might soon give China a uniquely favorable opportunity to conquer Taiwan sinc Read More

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