James D. Miller: September 2004 Archives

A Trillion Lies

The New York Times' recent attack on President Bush's Social Security privatization plan reveals the paper's ignorance of Social Security economics. The Times' editorial board claims that creating private Social Security accounts would result in transition costs e Read More

Top Ten Tips for Bush

1) Grant Dan Rather a live interview. Facing down Dan will make you look strong but forgiving, and it will also keep the forgery meme alive. Keep the interview live, however, to avoid creative CBS editing. 2) After giving... Read More

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Co-Opt 'Em

Bloggers have exposed the probably forged Bush National Guard documents that CBS used in its attempt to discredit the President. Although the old media treats bloggers and Internet commentators as unworthy pajama-clad interlopers, they should instead draw on the.. Read More

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