James D. Miller: December 2004 Archives

The Economics of Gift Giving

Americans will spend billions on gifts this Christmas. Inquiring economists want to know why. Economists believe that people seek to maximize their own pleasure, but this self-interested assumption doesn't present an obstacle to our understanding gift giving. Most Read More

How to Determine Whether Social Security Privatization Will Succeed

Social Security privatization would put our economy into a Great Experiment. How can we know in advance if the experiment will succeed? One key measure of the success of privatization will be how it affects long-term interest rates. Successful... Read More

Republicans Shouldn't Fear Eliminating Judicial Filibusters

Senate Republicans shouldn't tolerate Democratic filibusters of judicial nominations. Democratic threats to retaliate if they lose filibuster rights lack credibility. The President will likely appoint several Supreme Court Justices in his next term. Because Republ Read More

Freedom Bonuses: Welcoming Gifts for Ukraine

The U.S. should bestow gifts on Ukraine if her people choose Western democracy over Soviet-style oppression. These gifts would provide incentives for other nations to join the United States in our fight for freedom. The collapse of the Soviet... Read More

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