James D. Miller: January 2005 Archives

The Importance of Brad and Jennifer... and Maureen Dowd

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd complains that men with high-powered jobs would rather marry secretaries than their career equals. She further laments that the more a woman achieves in her career the less desirable she becomes to men. Dowd,... Read More

The Depolarizing Power of the Blogosphere

Professor Cass Sunstein underestimates the Blogosphere when he argues in a recent Boston Review article that the Internet will further polarize America. Previously left- and right-of-center citizens were brought together at times through watching the same network n Read More

Why is James Glassman Worried?

So James K. Glassman, the founder of TCS and co-author of Dow 36,000, has actually gone pessimistic and worries that our children might not live better than we do. Glassman's Fears Glassman writes that the U.S. is developing a science... Read More

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