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Outsourcing Teaching

Outsourcing hasn't gone far enough: the U.S. should start using Indian-based teachers. Smart, inexpensive, English-speaking Indians already help Americans with software design, computer support and tax preparation. Through satellites and the Internet workers in Ind Read More

Campaign Money for Bloggers

In elections, ideas matter more than repetition. So, rather than spending their money to repeat the same ads over and over again, rich George Soros-like political partisans should use their dollars to fund the production of ideas. And, as the... Read More

Bulls#@* and the Academic Left

Graham Larkin, a Stanford humanities professor, injects the words "bullshit", "bullshitter" and "BS" a total of 14 times in his recent 1,192 word op-ed piece in Inside Higher Education, the unintentionally illuminating title of which is "David Horowitz's War on... Read More

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