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Tech Investing for College

How can you finance a college education for your rugrats? Doing the math for just one child can be fairly intimidating. And for those of you raising a whole tribe of young'uns, it gets downright scary. Tuition and fees... Read More

Feed Me the Taco Bell Shells

If Kraft still has any recalled Taco Bell taco shells that haven't been destroyed, I'm prepared to eat them. In the interests of science, and for the purposes of investigating the effects of this latest alleged consumer threat, I'm willing... Read More

Let Foreigners Buy Our Companies

In his policy column this week, TCS host Jim Glassman makes the case for getting European governments out of the airplane business. On Capitol Hill, Senator Fritz Hollings is making the case for getting European governments out of the telephone... Read More

How to Cut Energy Prices

With electricity prices climbing in California and gasoline prices still close to their summer highs, media reports have focused on the usual villains - deregulation, overconsumption, corporate America, and OPEC. For some reason, you rarely hear about the costs tha Read More

Let's Pretend that Public Schools Work

This week the College Board announced that SAT math scores are at their highest level in 30 years. On the surface, this seems to be a sign that America's K-12 schools are on the right track, and that the need... Read More

The Message From Los Angeles: Helping the Internet?

Will you be better off if the Federal Government leaves the Internet alone, or takes an active role in its development? Are creative people and free markets the crucial ingredients in America's high-tech success, or do government funding and... Read More

Why We Don`t Want Net Regulation

Whenever the FCC ponders new regulations for broadband networks, or the FTC proposes new online privacy laws, tech consumers and investors should recognize a major threat to growth and innovation. Fortunately, the government has begun to quantify that threat, and.. Read More

Where's My Dividend?

We've all heard of the peace dividend. The politicians cut defense spending after Ronald Reagan's victory in the Cold War, and we've been enjoying the benefits ever since. Thanks to defense cuts and an awesome economy created by all you... Read More

Can Technology Eliminate Gun Deaths?

Looking for an end to gun violence, various politicians are considering new laws to require gun-safety technologies - devices to ensure that a gun can only be fired by its rightful owner. One idea is to have a fingerprint scanner... Read More

It`s Okay to Make a Profit, Even in Medicine

Most of us generally understand that a free market encourages people to create useful products and services. When you allow people to earn a profit from their inventions, they tend to invent lots of things. So in Silicon Valley, where... Read More

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