James H. Joyner: December 2005 Archives

Who's Watching the Watchers?

Last Friday, the New York Times unleashed a bombshell with a front page story reporting that the Bush administration had repeatedly ordered the National Security Agency to conduct electronic surveillance within the United States without a warrant. Congressmen, incl Read More

Does Criticism of the War Undermine Troop Morale?

One of the lessons of Vietnam taught to American officer cadets is that successful prosecution of a long-term war requires support from the people, the government, and the military. It is considered axiomatic that, if any leg of Clausewitz' Remarkable... Read More

Counterinsurgency and the American Way of War

Some Iraq war critics have lately argued that the American military is not very adept at counterinsurgency. But the reality is a little more complicated than they suggest. Reacting to an article in The New Republic about President Bush's strategy... Read More

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