James H. Joyner: January 2006 Archives

The State of the Enemy

As President Bush prepares to give his annual address on the State of the Union (I predict it will be "strong") it is time to reflect on the state of our enemy. Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon argue in a... Read More

How Wal-Mart Is Like Academia

Retail giant Wal-Mart has created its share of enemies for its competitive practices, low wage and benefits packages, and for putting mom-and-pop stores out of business. Some localities have successfully kept the company from building stores in their communities an Read More

Twin Anniversaries

At noon on January 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as President of the United States. Minutes later, the remaining hostages who had been held captive for 444 days at the American embassy in Teheran were freed.... Read More

Suicide Girls

Americans woke one Tuesday morning recently to news that women had strapped bombs to themselves and detonated them inside the Baghdad police academy -- killing over two dozen people and injuring nearly forty. Later in the day, the Defense Department... Read More

'Real Power Is Something You Take'

The controversy over President Bush's ordering the NSA to monitor phone conversations without a warrant is the latest in a long line of fights over executive authority during wartime. Congress has been increasingly frustrated at being cut out of the... Read More

The Triumph of 'Angry and Stupid'

Starting the New Year off much like he ended the old one, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, the liberal dubbed "the most popular and important force in the blogosphere" by the Weekly Standard, hurls invective at the Bush administration and those who... Read More

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