Articles by James Pethokoukis

Are We an 'On Your Own Society'?

America has become a heartless "On Your Own Society," Hillary Clinton argues, where "the fruits of our modern global economy are showing up in the corporate bottom line, not in workers' paychecks." This is hardly new rhetoric from Democrats.... Read More

Hillary Clinton and Recession of 2011

How predictable. The fiscal 2008 budget that President Bush put forward yesterday gets slammed for being unrealistic - if not downright mendacious. If the $2.9 trillion proposal actually got enacted as written - doubtful given that Bush is dealing... Read More

The Red-Green Divide Over Human Enhancement

"The future," it has been said, "creeps in on small feet. We do not awaken suddenly to a brave new world." In no area of futurology is this more true than in demographics -- as was evidenced last week... Read More

Futures Shock

You would think that if any member of the Senate Armed Services Committee understood a thing or two about futures markets, it would be the Cattle Queen of Arkansas, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not only did Clinton display Soros-esque market... Read More

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