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The Importance of DIY Movies

As a movie critic for TCS Daily, I sometimes feel like a bicyclist at a Harley-Davidson convention: My presence is tolerated, people are friendly enough, but I'm not exactly necessary. I know that most TCSers want to get their brain-motors... Read More

Snuff Cinema

TORONTO -- Five years after 9-11, it's apparent that we all aren't getting along. And the political left is throwing plenty of mean punches. A case in point is that new Bush snuff movie, "Death of a President." Some might... Read More

To Live and Die in Toronto

Why is it so dangerous to be a reporter these days? Why are so many journalists being targeted? Two Fox News reporters were grabbed in Gaza, held for nearly two weeks, exploited for propaganda purposes, and then released. They were... Read More

Bill and Karl Take a Walk in the Woods...

Two aging Baby Boomers meet for a walk in the woods -- a rambly joint stroll at an undisclosed location. The two men have long been recognized as the godfathers of their respective political parties; they share the same mystique... Read More

The AIDS Boomerang

TORONTO -- Remember the 60s song, "I fought the law and the law won"? Forty years after the tune came out, people are still humming it, at least I am -- although I've changed the lyrics a bit to sum... Read More

Why Political Heretics Are Worse Than Infidels

Joe Lieberman is a heretic. Please don't get me wrong. Nobody, not even Lieberman's enemies, questions the Connecticut Senator's abiding Orthodox Jewish religious faith. But as Tuesday's primary election shows, a majority of Nutmeg State Democrats see their senator Read More

Natural Born Snoozer

Go see "World Trade Center," the new Oliver Stone movie. There, I said it. I don't want anyone to think I'm in any way disrespecting the heroes of 9-11 -- the brave men and women who went running up the... Read More

Revisiting WARNO

"Whither Deterrence?" That's an interesting question to ask at a time when undeterrable missiles, thousands of them, have been raining down on Israel from Lebanon. Of course, the question of deterrence -- or not -- has, shall we say, implications... Read More

Vicious Circle

Technology increases the velocity of life -- and of vice. As in "Miami Vice." As the film shows us, technology helps people do whatever they want to do -- faster, better, and of course, cooler. So "Miami Vice" can be... Read More

World War What?

So is it World War Three yet? One of the smartest figures in American politics says that it's here -- the Big One. "This is World War III," Newt Gingrich told The Seattle Times last week. As they say in... Read More

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