Articles by James Plummer

Wise Move?

Flush with its victory letting it pry the names of computer users from their internet service providers, the Recording Industry Association of America is on the attack again. With a full-page ad in the New York Times Thursday, RIAA has... Read More

Real Media Reform

The Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday voted by voice vote to roll back much of the Federal Communications Commission's recent revision of regulations governing media ownership. The 3-2 party line vote of the FCC commissioners earlier this month eased restrictio Read More

Will Bush, Congress Overturn Clintons Parting Shot at Consumers Pocketbooks?

Even before President Bush was sworn in, teams of well-honed cleaning technicians swept through the White House, tearing up carpets, replacing furniture, and scrubbing the Oval Office sink. The new administration soon did those technicians one-better and announced Read More

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