Articles by James S. Shikwati

Invisible Wealth

Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Global market trends are such that African nations must urgently address issues pertaining to intellectual property rights (IPR) if they are going to fit into the global economy and... Read More

Caught in the Middle

Can genetically modified foods provide a solution to African food problems? The vice chairman of the environment committee of the European parliament, Alexander de Roo, has observed that "Hunger is a social problem, not a technical problem. To solve... Read More

Crisis of a House Divided

JOHANNESBURG - Sharp division has emerged on views expressed by the NGO sector at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Reporting in the Earth Times, Rahul Singh States, "By and large, the NGOs are united in their views on sustainable... Read More

Poor Choices

JOHANNESBURG - The World Summit on Sustainable Development has focused on the issue of poverty. In his opening remarks South African president Thabo Mbeki, lamenting the current inequalities between the wealthy and poor, called for "wealth sharing" as a way... Read More

Hungry For Help

Africa seems to suffer from two crises: a food crisis and an HIV/AIDS crisis. Closer scrutiny reveals they are symptoms of the same political sickness. Africa accounts for 70% of the global population of people infected with HIV/AIDS and 80%... Read More

How Europe Can Help Africa

The recent G8 meeting in Canada resulted in a $6 billion aid offer and a load of advice on good governance and open markets. It seems not to have warmed African hearts too much. Should Africans focus on the billions... Read More

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