Articles by Jan Arlid Snoen

Sweatshops and the Olympics

OSLO -- The Olympics in Athens were not only a competition for gold medals. They were also part of a different battle over corporate image of sportswear companies. Self-styled anti-sweatshop groups took the opportunity to try to steal some... Read More

Hong Kong on the Steppe

OSLO -- The liberal Mongolian Motherland Democratic Coalition seems to have defeated the ex-communist government in the 27 June parliamentary elections. This reversed the Communist landslide in 2000, which was seen by some western leftist as a repudiation of... Read More

Liberté! Egalité! Sororité!

OSLO -- The case for globalization is most often made in economic terms, pointing out beneficial effects on economic growth, welfare and poverty reduction. Although important, such benefits, even if difficult to refute, fail to persuade many, especially women.... Read More

Sell Bin Laden, Buy Bush!

OSLO -- Last July a small scandal broke in Washington. Admiral John Poindexter, of Iran-Contra fame, had been responsible for planning a government-controlled online futures market, the Policy Analysis Market (PAM). The purpose was to collect information on politi Read More

Protectionism and Pollution

OSLO -- Food and other agricultural products are at the heart of the battle over liberalization of world trade. The Cairns group of agricultural exporters and their allies are pressing for better access to foreign markets, but the EU,... Read More

Ship of Fuels

Critics of free trade argue that international trade volumes are too high, because companies or nations don't have to bear the full environmental costs of transporting goods. This argument is valid, but of little practical importance. The contributions from... Read More

Smoke and Mirrors

 OSLO -- One of the most persistent myths spread by the anti-globalization movement is that, "resources move from the poor to the rich, and pollution moves from the rich to the poor," as the Indian environmental activist Vandana Shiva... Read More

The Golden Years

In his 28 October TCS article Dominic Standish dismisses the coming pension crisis as a myth (see: "Old and In the Way?"). Cuts in pensions and welfare are unnecessary. Although he makes some valid points, his remedies are inadequate and... Read More

'Greenpeace Go Home'?

OSLO -- A majority in the Finish parliament recently allowed a fifth nuclear reactor to be built. The Green Party has left the broad-based government as a result. But in the streets of Helsinki demonstrators held banners with the somewhat... Read More

Blood and Soil

OSLO -- In May the prominent Dutch rightwing populist Pim Fortuyn was shot to death. The suspected perpetrator is an animal rights activist. This marks the first high-profile murder committed by radical environmentalists in Europe. Sadly, it will probably not... Read More

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