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The Significance of Memeorandum

One of the glories of the 'net is the ability to get all the news you want instantly. Add blogs, stir in NRO, Slate, TCS, Slashdot, ALDaily and a few others and shake. Instant information. Just one problem: even with... Read More

President Bush Gets the Flu

Avian flu is beginning to gain profile. It hit the Presidents April 4 press conference where he said, I am concerned about avian flu. I am concerned about what an avian flu outbreak could mean for the United States and... Read More

The File Sharer's Guide to the Universe

The Supreme Court decision in Grokster is being spun as a victory for copyright holders and, more specifically, the music and movie business. More sophisticated analysis recognizes this is not an outright win. As ever, the devil is in the... Read More

Inside Scoop -- Not Any Longer

Canada is in the midst of a corruption scandal.The bullet is that the Liberal government in power during the 1990's used public money to buy advertising in Quebec. Around 100 million of that money has left no audit trail. Some... Read More

Competition Comes to the Ad Market

Google's website advertising program, Adsense, is about to have some fairly hefty competition. Yahoo is testing a "long tail" ad words scheme. Markets thrive on competition and Google's first mover domination of the adwords market has been inviting a serious... Read More

'Blame The Readers'

As U.S. newspaper circulation tanks, Evan Cornog, publisher of The Columbia Journalism Review, has written a long and deeply nuanced piece in the current edition on the root causes of the decline of newspaper circulation in America. Cornog cites television... Read More

The Coalition of the Can Do

The pleasures of UN bashing pale in comparison to the facts on the soggy ground left by the tsunami. What matters, and has mattered from the day the waves hit, is the capacity to make decisions and implement them.... Read More

Wired Islam

The battle for a civil society in Iraq waxes and wanes. The Palestinians, after four years of banging their collective head against a now literal wall, are beginning to rethink the intifada strategy. However, the bigger question of integrating... Read More

Blogs v. 60 Minutes

The CBS news program Sixty Minutes II ran a story on September 8th bringing to light a set of memos which purported to show that when President Bush was in the National Guard he failed to obey orders. Liberal... Read More

Remote Control

The Guardian reports that Internet Explorer's share of the browser market fell for the first time since 1997. From 95% to 94%. It's unlikely Bill Gates is losing too much sleep at this point. What may be keeping the... Read More

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