Articles by Jean-Christophe Mounicq

The Real Sarko

PARIS -- On 27 March, when demonstrators still controlled the streets of Paris and the other principal cities of France, the French interior minister launched his presidential campaign at a big meeting in Douai. Some say Nicolas Sarkozy is obsessed... Read More

Could Americans Elect a French President?

John Forbes Kerry downplays his knowledge of the French language. Some even say he is hiding the origins of a mother who might have been French. I don't know how much of Kerry's blood is French. But I know... Read More

Old Europe, Looking Older

Last week's election results shows that France is at a dead end, with huge economic problems and no political solutions being offered. France is dying of socialism because all French politicians -- including the ones who claim otherwise --... Read More

France's War on Islam...and Islam's War on Itself

"French law banning the hijab constitutes a war against Islam as a religion," declared the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Ikrima Said Sabri, in his Friday sermon of 23 January, 2004. This statement, made by a man who is... Read More

Red-Green Anti-Semitism

The recent outburst of anti-Semitism in Europe has little to do with the sad history of European prejudice. The new anti-Semitism is not due to a resurgence of far-right activism or neo-Nazism. Recent anti-Semitic acts have been proven to be... Read More

Liberti, igaliti, bankruptcy!

Alstom, builder of high speed trains (TGV), nuclear plants and cruise liners, was the showcase of French technology. It is now the showcase of French bankruptcy.   Like France, Alstom is badly managed, unable to balance its accounts, and encumbered... Read More

Swedish Sense

By saying "No" to the euro, whether for good or bad reasons, the Swedes have done a great favor for themselves and other Europeans. As Professor Jean-Jacques Rosa demonstrated in his book The European Error, the euro is economic nonsense... Read More

The Islamization of France

If Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilization" theory is right, France is on the front line. With at least six and maybe eight million Muslims living in its territory among a total population of 60 million, France is the most "islamized"... Read More

Revenge of the Dollar

Ever since the euro reached and then surpassed the level at which it was launched on 1 January 1999, the European single currency has entered a new chapter of its history. For its first three years, its weakness was a... Read More

Smart Bombs, Smart Communication

This month's G8 summit took place in France, a country where anti-Americanism reached new heights during the war in Iraq. Anti-Americanism was shared by all French politicians, from the extreme right to the extreme left. It was inspired by the... Read More

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