Articles by Jeffrey Alan Miron

A Little Unhappiness Goes a Long Way

Most debates about government policy concern whether government should intervene. A different but important question is whether intervention belongs at the state or federal level, if intervention occurs. In fact, many current federal policies should be left to the Read More

Spending Cuts Even Democrats Can Support

Most economists agree that large and persistent budget deficits are bad for the economy. Deficits mean government borrowing, which implies higher interest rates, lower investment, reduced capital accumulation, and slower growth. A few economists endorse an alternat Read More

How to Avoid More Enrons: Legalize Fraud

Last week a Houston jury found former Enron CEOs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling guilty of multiple federal crimes arising from their fraudulent management of Enron. Lay and Skilling will likely spend most of their remaining lives in prison. That... Read More

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