Articles by Jens Kyed

Getting Medieval

It all seemed like a done deal. After half a year of tough negotiations an agreement on the enlargement of the European Economic Area, a free-trade zone that includes all EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, had finally been... Read More

Going Bananas

The European Union's banana policy is totally bananas. A fresh report from the European Court of Auditors removes all doubt about its usefulness. Piece for piece the new report picks the whole policy apart and shows that the only benefactors... Read More

The Future of Fisheries

BRUSSELS --The European Union wants an increase in aquaculture production to meet the decline in its fisheries. Hopes are that this will bring new jobs to unemployed fishermen, but there will be no fresh money to boost developments in a... Read More

A Fishy Business

BRUSSELS -- The distance from words to deeds can indeed be very far. This was again proven when the ministers responsible for fisheries from the 15 member countries of the European Union met in Luxemburg last Tuesday. They gathered to... Read More

Bye Bye, Belgians

BRUSSELS -- Nearly 60 years after the Second World War came to a close, and twelve years after the end of the Cold War, Belgium has decided it is time to end its occupation of German soil. "One important page... Read More

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