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Back to Work!

Is the stereotype of the vacation-loving European an unfair one? A new poll published in the Financial Times suggests it may very well be. The survey found that a majority of the continent's workers would actually like to work more,... Read More

Airbus Deflates

How the aircraft-building industry has changed. Consider the situation of Airbus Industrie, the European consortium, which as recently as the end of last year was beating its American rival Boeing. For five years in a row Airbus had outsold Boeing... Read More

Keystone Comp

The apparent glee European Commission competition regulators took in imposing yet another massive fine on Microsoft this week was short-lived. The day after the EU's latest Microsoft move, the Court of First Instance shot down a decision the Commission had... Read More

A Net Plus

A dreary European Council, an uneventful visit of the US president to Vienna, a European Commission plan to reform winemaking -- all in all, a typically uneventful European political summer. Thank heavens for the World Cup, which has shunted aside... Read More

A Level Playing Field?

Everyone's got World Cup fever, even the regulators at the European Commission. They've come up with a proposal that purportedly would create a level playing field -- at least in business terms -- for various European football clubs. It will... Read More

The Campus Strikes Back

An article of faith for Europe's alternative mindset has been questioned recently, giving some hope that opposition to it is growing along with much-needed support for science over scare-mongering. At a recent demonstration in Oxford, students, teachers and others Read More

Europe's Not Being Served

Pity poor Jose Manuel Barroso. The European Commission president has set himself out to be Europe's economic modernizer - the man from Lisbon who would finally make the EU's Lisbon Agenda become reality. But as each month passes Barroso and... Read More

Merkel Cure for Germany?

This week's announcement that Germany would be ruled by a "Grand Coalition" of the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, with the CDU's Angela Merkel as chancellor, was met with relief more than celebration. After all, neither party can claim... Read More

TCS EU Summit Coverage: The French Mistake

Last week, at a surprisingly perfunctory economic summit in Brussels, France and Germany teamed up to derail an effort to liberalize services across the EU. In doing so they may have dealt a fatal blow not only to European competitiveness,... Read More

A Farewell to Arms Embargo

A brief period of relative stability earlier this year between China and Taiwan is clearly over. Recent events in Beijing suggest that a new and more aggressive policy is being formulated as to how the mainland deals with its island... Read More

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