Jerry Bowyer: August 2006 Archives

Profits or Pundits?

Who teaches you more, pundits or profits? That's the question I asked myself every time I saw a talking head on cable TV during the month that was the Israel/Hezbollah crisis. Head-after-head made case-after-case that it contained within in it... Read More

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor... Arguments

Tip to masochists: if you want a lot of hate mail, write pro-immigration articles for conservative publications. I'm decidedly not a masochist, but I do believe that when they throw lemons is the best time to open a lemonade stand.... Read More

That 70s No-Show

There's a great scene in Annie Hall in which characters played by Woody Allen and Diane Keaton are talking to their respective therapists. It takes place in split-screen. Both psychiatrists ask "How often do you two make love?" Keaton's character... Read More

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