Jerry Bowyer: March 2007 Archives

The Perils of Unearned Wealth

Charles Koch built the largest private corporation in the world, and then wrote a book about it. His publicist mailed it to me this week. It's a great read. It just so happens that at the same moment I... Read More

In Order to Form a Less Perfect Union

Earlier this month, House Democrats passed the Workers Freedom of Choice Act. This week it goes to the Senate. I'm not happy when Congress does anything to increase the power of any institution over human choice, but it especially... Read More

Our Siamese Twin

Tuesday's market melt-down is exactly the sort of thing the Dobbs-Buchanan-Hillary Clinton-economic-school-of-nationalism loves to complain about. In fact, they just did; as I stepped away from my computer a moment to watch the news, I saw this letter from... Read More

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