Articles by Joel Bucher

The Würst Kind of Logic

Renate Künast, Germany's consumer protection minister, wants to save a generation of Germans from obesity-related illness. She has told the Bundestag that 34 percent of all German children under 14 weigh too much for their size and age, and... Read More

Feeding the Frenzy

As Mario Monti prepares to slap Microsoft with a €500 million fine -- or as much as 10 percent of Microsoft's global sales as permitted under European Union (EU) competition law -- he should also consider the words of... Read More

'Changing Our Behavior'

Europe has decided to go it alone and implement the Kyoto Protocol, but what price will its citizens pay? Unfortunately, economic modeling tells us very little about the level of personal pain one can expect when carbon emissions are forced... Read More

California Scheming

The American way is progress through competition. The California way, however, seems to be something else entirely. Gov. Gray Davis recently proposed unilateral statewide cuts in carbon dioxide emissions, despite the uncertain fate of the Kyoto Protocol, a shaky ec Read More

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