Articles by John Downen

The Market for Culture

Commerce spreads culture -- the arts, entertainment, ideas, religious beliefs, etc. -- and I'm grateful it does. Exposure to other cultures enriches our lives, broadens our perspectives, and demonstrates the rich variety of humanity.But we often hear complaints abo Read More

The Route to Poverty

The farmers' market in Bozeman, Montana is a charming way to purchase locally grown produce and handicrafts. The ideal of self-sufficiency such markets imply is often advocated by environmentalists and community food co-ops, e.g., "Be a yokel, buy local." But... Read More

40 Acres and a Check

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The emptying of the Great Plains brings hardship to those holding on to a disappearing way of life. But it also brings opportunities for those who see the signs and adapt. But, however well-intentioned, 13 U.S. senators... Read More

Order Plus Liberty

Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria writes in his new book The Future of Freedom: "First, a government must be able to control the governed, then it must be able to control itself. Order plus liberty. These two forces will,... Read More

Our Only Certainty

Change is our only certainty. How we handle it is important. Some risks can be reduced or insured against, such as illness, auto wrecks, and fires. But many risks offer opportunities. Progress implies change and change implies risk. But when... Read More

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