Articles by John E. Calfee

What the Texas Jury Did to Patients

After a Texas jury awarded a quarter of a billion dollars to the widow of a man who died after taking the pain reliever Vioxx, jury members told the press they wanted to send the drug industry a message. Exactly... Read More

To Really Stop Smoking

When the Department of Justice announced in 1999 that it was suing the tobacco industry for billions and billions of dollars, a lot of people cheered. When the DOJ lawyers announced near the end of that trial in June that... Read More

Is the FDA Broken?

Is the FDA broken? A lot of people think it is. They argue that the FDA has gone soft on drug safety because it tries too hard to please the pharmaceutical industry. Their evidence is the FDA's reluctance to pull... Read More

An IP Regime Change

A fusillade of criticism has fallen upon the United States for being the lone holdout in a World Trade Organization proposal to encourage poor nations to import generic versions of patented drugs. This dispute originally focused on drugs to fight... Read More

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