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On the iCouch

A review article has been published speculating on the utility and future of computer-aided cognitive-behavioral therapy (CCBT). Basically, this amounts to software that does psychotherapy. It is remarkable that such systems are currently in use. For a long time,. Read More

Paul Krugman, Your Doctor Is Calling

N. Gregory Mankiw fired the opening salvo on misinterpreted health care statistics when the New York Times published his op-ed entitled Beyond Those Health Care Numbers.  Paul Krugman, also writing for the Times fired back with Health Care Excuses.&n Read More

Choking on Caution

One would have thought that no mere mortal could have come up with this school policy: "A Roman Catholic elementary school adopted new lunchroom rules this week requiring students to remain silent while eating. The move comes after three... Read More

Troubles in Shangri-La

Seth Roberts, a psychologist at UC Berkeley has written a book called The Shangri-La Diet. In it, Roberts described some old obesity rat data and via "self-experimentation" developed a technique for weight loss that he hopes will change millions of... Read More

Political Expediency vs. Science

A bill introduced by Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D, NY) that attempts to end financial conflicts of interest among FDA advisory committee members passed by a vote of 218 to 210. The bill prevents the FDA from empaneling scientists with financial... Read More

A Painful Application of Medical Ethics

The blogosphere has been increasingly active regarding a young woman, Amanda Twellman-Dieppa and her battle with cancer (see, for example, this post on Hugh Hewitts website). She has been petitioning Medarex Inc. to provide her with their experimental drug MDX-060. Read More

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