Articles by John L. Chapman

Why Obama's Economic Plan Will Fail

The recent passage of the $787 billion malapropism known as the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009" on Friday the 13th was full of irony. Beyond the portentous date of passage, or its questionable moniker, was the ugly process... Read More

Stimulus vs. Growth

Can Keynesian-style short term stimulus engender economic growth and forestall recession? Or is such a package of no effect or even harmful to the economy? This essay examines this question differently from recent commentary, via a return to fundamentals.... Read More

Private Equity: Time Is of the Essence

In an economy with $47 trillion in financial assets, how important is the $2 trillion private equity (PE) sector to economic growth in the United States? Does the tax structure for the sector matter, with respect to its potential... Read More

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