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Cancer Report

Ever since the recent release of the massive report from the World Cancer Research Fund ("Food, Nutrition and Physical Acitivty and the Prevention of Cancer") the media have been busy pounding into our heads the three new truths about... Read More

Fat and Happy: The Weight Story No One Wants to Talk About

It's been a tough time the last little while for the fatties among us -- which is supposedly most of us. According to the just released report from the American Institute for Cancer Research being fat and eating certain foods... Read More

Diversity's Dark Side

For at least the last twenty years the cultural and political elites of the United States have championed the cause of multiculturalism by claiming that diversity was something that made all of us better. Little effort was ever made... Read More

Science in the Media Sausage Grinder

Recent weeks have offered a rich harvest of new "health" threats with splashy headlines warning us about the supposed dangers from processed meats, hair dyes, and tanning parlors. While all of these stories are all a little odd, perhaps the... Read More

Frisco's Folly Trolley

The San Francisco city council apparently knows something that health safety regulators around the world don't. If the city council there is to be believed, American parents need to worry about the plastic baby bottles they give their children and... Read More

Keystone Food Cops

At any given moment almost two-thirds of American men and more than three quarters of American women are dieting or watching their weight, at least according to a Center for Disease Control survey back in 1999. (Not much has likely... Read More

Risk vs. Liberty

The way the UK government looks at risk policy has been shaken up by a new report published recently by the Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs. Though the report's dry title and the abstractions of risk policy might push... Read More

The Bogus Benzene Scare

Another day, another exaggerated scare story about the dangers of soft drinks. If it weren't enough that the fat police have targeted fizzy drinks in their crusade to slenderize the world, now Coca-Cola and Cadbury-Schweppes have been added to a... Read More

Children and the Fat Police

The news that every UK schoolchild aged four and ten is to be weighed and measured, with the parents of so-called obese children receiving a letter warning of long-term health consequences for their children, represents a new low in the... Read More

Time to Vaccinate a Panic

Ever since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. alleged a government cover-up in his controversial Salon article "Deadly Immunity" last June, and New York Times writer David Kirby alleged a connection between autism and childhood vaccination in his book Evidence of Harm,... Read More

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