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Veritas No Longer

"These results are completely misleading"-- Walter Willett in "Obesity: Time bomb or dud?", USA Today May 26, 2005 Ever since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's beliefs about the connection between being overweight, obese and dying were turned on... Read More

The Empire of Alarmists Strike Back

"We don't want people to artificially hide controversies. We want to get them out in the open." -- CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding, June 2, 2005 It's funny how quickly CDC Director Julie Gerberding has stopped sounding like a scientist... Read More

The Fat Lady Ain't Singing Yet

Whatever else you might want to say about Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Julie Gerberding, she is not a quitter. Ever since controversy erupted over the CDC's claims about the number of so-called obesity-related deaths published last year... Read More

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