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So What Actually Happened at the G8?

Although the deliberations of the leaders of the G8 were somewhat overshadowed by the terrorist attacks in London, it is important to evaluate the development package for Africa that finally emerged. Is aid the most important way to improve the... Read More

Outsourcing: Separating Fact from Hysteria

During the recent Presidential election campaign in the United States, the debate over outsourcing and its impact on the US economy reached a high level of what can only be described as irrationality, and even hysteria. Democratic candidate John... Read More

How Serious Is Indonesia About Prosecuting Islamic Terrorists?

Back in late July, Indonesia's Constitutional Court declared invalid the use of two retrospective anti-terrorism laws to convict 32 Islamic militants over the role in the Bali bombings in 2002. The first law was a catch-all anti-terrorism measure, while... Read More

A Job Half Finished

It is hard for most outsiders to fathom just how much South Korea was affected by the trauma of the economic and financial crisis that afflicted the country in 1997-98. The statistics on this catastrophe are dramatic enough. After... Read More

Malaysia's New Mood

A new and much more constructive mood seems to be emerging within the government of Malaysia, and there are signs that the country's economy is beginning to respond to a new range of policies and directions. This shift has... Read More

Roh Way Out

The vote by the South Korean National Assembly last month to impeach President Roh Moo Hyun has plunged the Korean political system, and its fledgling democracy, into dangerous, uncharted waters. At present, the interim administration is handling the situation... Read More

Dire Straits

The victory by the narrowest of margins of incumbent President Chen Shui-bian in Saturday's presidential elections has underlined just how divided the people of Taiwan are about their future and how to achieve it. Only 30,000 votes separated Chen... Read More

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