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Cowboys in Deutschland

As the date of his arrival approached, the prospect of George W. Bush on German soil unleashed a veritable frenzy of outrage and condemnation. Die Zeit, the country's most influential weekly of ostensibly educated opinion, plastered across its front page... Read More

France's New Poverty

In Summer 2004, the New York Times declared that the great day had arrived: Europe had eliminated -- nay, "abolished," as if by a legislative act-- poverty: or, at any rate, its "desperate" variety. "Even America's defenders must admit to... Read More

D-Day for Revisionists

On June 6, 2004, the 60th anniversary of D-Day, French President Jacques Chirac stood before hundreds of American veterans of the Allied invasion of Normandy at the American Cemetery at Colleville-Sur-Mer, where their fallen comrades are buried. Chirac pledged to.. Read More

Germany's Terror Apologist

The European militant group Campo Antiimperialista first came to the broad attention of the American public in June of last year when US News and World Report reported that it was collecting money for the terrorist "insurgency" in Iraq. This... Read More

Freedom, But...

As was to be expected, this past weekend French Islamic and self-styled "anti-racist" groups announced their intention to press charges against the newspaper France Soir for "incitement to racial or religious hatred" in connection with the daily's re-publication of Read More

Chirac's Nuclear Option

Some months ago, when Julien Dray, spokesman for the French Socialist Party, was asked what he thought of a certain speech by Jacques Chirac. "Frankly," Dray replied, "I don't even listen any more." In France, this has become a common... Read More

Susanne and the Baathists

Last weekend, the German news magazine Focus reported that part of the ransom money paid for German hostage Susanne Osthoff's release from Iraqi captivity was found on her person following her liberation. According to the Focus report, German embassy personnel... Read More

More Euros for Terror

After a relatively quiet December, the New Year saw a massive upsurge of violence in Iraq, including a series of horrifying suicide bombings that took the lives of hundreds in a matter of days. As with every such spike in... Read More

Fear the "Reapers"

In a judgment with potentially far-reaching consequences that has been mostly ignored by the English-language media, a French court earlier this month acquitted 49 anti-GMO activists of charges of having destroyed fields of genetically-modified corn. The crops were Read More

When France Polls America...

The most recent AP-Ipsos poll, released on November 11, brought bad news for President Bush. The headline told the story: "Poll: Most Americans Say Bush Not Honest". Coming just after the indictment of vice presidential aide "Scooter" Libby for perjury... Read More

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