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Our Population Problem, According to John D. Troglodite

"It's a 'metaverse' -- an online social network inside a virtual world." So explains a character on last night's CSI:NY, in which the plucky sleuths of the New York Crime Lab must use Second Life -- the metaverse in question... Read More

Big Government Libertarianism

Something odd is happening. Support for a non-defense discretionary spending hike is coming from some surprising quarters. Big-government liberalism is nothing new; the time when liberalism was associated with laissez-faire economics is long past. In recent years, Read More

Critics are Still Confusing Proof and Evidence

"PANEL FINDS NO QAEDA-IRAQ TIE," shouted the front page of the New York Times last Thursday. This wasn't supported by the facts of the story -- the 9/11 panel had found no solid evidence of Iraqi cooperation with al... Read More

South Park in the Blue States

"I feel the people of California have been punished enough. From the time they get up in the morning and flush the toilet, they're taxed. When they go get a coffee, they're taxed. When they get in their car, they're... Read More

Absolutely Fabulist

Stephen Glass was the young New Republic writer who was fired in 1998 when he was discovered to have fabricated all or parts of dozens of his articles. If you read his new novel, The Fabulist you'll become familiar... Read More

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