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Senseless in the Senate

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 recently passed by the U.S. Senate features a big push for domestic energy production, including fossil fuels, nuclear power, ethanol and some small carrots for politically correct solar and wind. As sausage making goes,... Read More

Remember (the) Maine!

The search for a sustainable climate change policy took small steps in the right direction in Maine this year. In 2003, on a party-line vote, Maine passed legislation implementing the New England Governors/Eastern Canadian Premiers Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) Read More

Maine's Man

President Bush is coming to Maine to give an Earth day address on the environment. It's an important issue in this battleground state. The President has been heavily and sometimes hysterically criticized by environmentalists for seemingly everything he does... Read More

New England Governors Play Make-Believe...Again

In August 2001, shortly after President Bush rejected the Kyoto Protocol, New England's Governors joined with their eastern Canadian counterparts and announced their own climate change agreement (CCA). The CCA calls for each state and province to reduce greenhouse Read More

Governors and Greens Au Groton

Early this month the Maine Public Policy Institute is sending me down to the New England Governors/Eastern Canadian Premiers confab at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, Connecticut to test the state policy network motto: ideas have consequences.   I'm carrying... Read More

New England Journal

COOPER, Maine -- Last week was a bad week coming at the end of a bad month here in downeast Maine. The prevailing winds out of Northeast Harbor suggest more policy based on a mixture of religious collectivism, alarmism and... Read More

'No State Shall...'

Six New England states are usurping the federal treaty power in the name of addressing climate change. Neither the President nor the Congress has been willing to defend their constitutionally delegated powers from this usurpation. The result is bad policy... Read More

Carbon Copy Coalition

The state by state effort to implement the Kyoto protocol came to Concord, New Hampshire this week as the state's environmental groups launched the "Carbon Coalition" to keep the issue on the front burner and stir the political, policy and... Read More

Leap of Faith

COOPER, Maine - Maine's legislature is poised to pass "An Act to Provide Leadership in Addressing the Threat of Climate Change." The bill would implement the New England governors/ Eastern Canadian premiers Climate Change Agreement (CCA). The legislation will put.. Read More

States Fights

COOPER, Maine - Last week I spent time jousting over two bills before the Maine Legislature. One bill puts the brakes on state implementation of Kyoto Protocol, the global treaty designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. The other accelerates it.... Read More

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