Articles by Jonathan Robison, PhD, MS

Junk Science Is Contagious

After decades of research and a plethora of seemingly infinite numbers of dead-end leads, scientists have finally discovered the cause of the biggest Public Health scourge of our time - Obesity. And what is that cause? Well, it is... Read More

Soda Pop Myopia

The United States Government and Health Establishment were clearly elated recently with the announcement of the latest major public health breakthrough. Former president Bill Clinton called it a "bold step forward in the struggle to help America's kids live healthi Read More

The New "Beverage Guidance System"

The latest version of the Star Wars Defense against obesity has just come out. And the "Beverage Guidance System," proposed by The Beverage Guidance Panel, promises to further focus in on pleasure, variety and choice and obliterate them from our... Read More

Basics Instinct

Well, the latest research on the relation between nutrition and health has just been released and the fur is flying. Turns out the largest study ever done to assess the impact of a low fat diet on some of our... Read More

For Their Own Good?

One of the hottest subject in state politics today is what's being served for lunch at school. Starting in July it will be illegal to sell pop, potato chips and other "junk" foods in elementary and middle schools in Arizona.... Read More

A Modest Proposal for the Dietary Guidelines

Our government is deeply worried today about the state of health of the American Public. According to the experts, we are simply too fat and too sedentary, and we are literally eating ourselves into an early grave. In spite of... Read More

The War on Fun Continues

On January 13 the federal government laid out its long-awaited, newly-revised Dietary Guidelines. Since then, experts have been weighing in on the impact these guidelines may have for the health of the American people. Whether there will be a... Read More

Feeding a Risk Factor Frenzy

An article in the August 25th issue of the Journal of The American Medical Association, "Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Weight Gain, and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in Young and Middle-Aged Women," adds yet another chapter to the feeding frenzy that... Read More

The Lowdown on Sweet

Sugar has definitely gotten a bad rap over the years. It has been blamed for causing (among other things) tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, it is common knowledge as reported by parents, teachers and other experts... Read More

Scare Tactics

Have you ever noticed that most discussions about our desire for health actually have more to do with our fear of disease? We talk about: Exercising to prevent heart disease Eating fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer Quitting smoking... Read More

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