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Germany's Wake-Up Call?

BERLIN -- Not an easy start for Angela Merkel. Only a few days after her swearing-in as the new German chancellor, a German citizen was kidnapped in Iraq. A videotape of the abducted woman was delivered to public television broadcaster... Read More

Fischer King?

BERLIN -- Confused voters plunged Germany into political limbo on Sunday, splitting their ballots among five parties. The result: challenger Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) and Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's Social Democrats (SPD) are almost e Read More

Storm und Drang

BERLIN -- The chaos and anarchy that reigned in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, culminating in Mayor Ray Nagin's desperate "SOS", has unfortunately produced a resurgence of anti-Americanism in Germany. The timing, which coincides with Germany's election campai Read More

EU Realpolitik

The annual US-EU summit took place in Washington, D.C. this week -- and what an awkward photo op it was, seeing Europe's hobbled leaders in the Oval Office with President Bush. "Working together as global partners" was the motto... Read More

Friends Again?

BERLIN -- German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder wants to set general elections in September, one year earlier than scheduled. He hopes to gain support for his unpopular reforms of the German welfare system. However, as opinion polls reveal, the opposition... Read More

Vive La Difference

With their vehement 'No' to the EU constitutional treaty in Sunday's referendum, the French people have, among other things, finally punished President Jacques Chirac for his foreign affairs mistakes. It may look like a repudiation of European political aims, and.. Read More

Gerhard Reign's a Gonna Fall

BERLIN - After seven years, Germans seem to have had enough of socialist Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. This past Sunday the German opposition won a landslide election victory in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, an industrial region regarded as the cradle... Read More

Berlin Airlift

BERLIN - "Is Bush nevertheless right with his vision?" the commentator Jan Ross of the German weekly Die Zeit asked recently. It's an almost heretial question in today's Germany. One should feel "some shame", Ross told his readers, referring to... Read More

Fear of the Other

BERLIN - Xenophobia in Germany is increasing "dramatically" according to a new study released in Berlin. Some 60 percent of Germans see their country as being überfremdet - an increase of 5 percent over the number two years ago... Read More

Germany Endorses Kerry!

BERLIN -- German Defense Minister Peter Struck announced a major shift in his country's Iraq policy this week. "If conditions change in Iraq," he told the Financial Times newspaper, Germany might consider deploying troops there. Political analysts here and... Read More

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