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The Wrong Way To Think About Inequality

In the last month, a new paper called "Building a Better America -- One Wealth Quintile at a Time," from Michael Norton and Dan Ariely has drawn some attention to the issue of wealth inequality in America, but does little to inform the debate. Read More

What Cutting the Federal Budget Entails

The Center for American Progress released a report earlier this month on ways to shrink the federal budget deficit with spending cuts. But there are three areas where I don't believe the report has identified as many cuts as it could have. Read More

Happier Public Union News from New Jersey

Last week, the Newark Star-Ledger reported on at least six towns where unions agreed to give-backs in exchange for a no-layoff promise. This is a good trend, but state lawmakers -- and those elsewhere in the country -- can do more to expand it. Read More

States: The New Strategic Defaulters

When we talk about a Greek default, the concern is that Greece is literally unable to pay its bills: more bonds come due than can be repaid in the current year, and nobody is willing to issue Greece new debt at an affordable interest rate. For this reason, any stra Read More

Schwarzenegger Seeks The Right Bailout

Next month, California's governor plans to ask Washington for another bailout to help close his state's $21 billion budget gap for the next fiscal year. This request comes with an appealing twist, though: it wouldn't cost federal taxpayers a dime.... Read More

Debunking the Green Jobs Myth

With unemployment at its highest levels in more than 25 years, the Obama Administration is trying to show that it is focused on jobs. Last week's White House "Jobs Summit" brought together business, labor, academic and environmental leaders to talk... Read More

Give Up Abortion for Nationalized Health Care?

Throughout the health care debate, Democrats and President Obama have insisted that Americans who want to maintain their current health care coverage will be able do so. Reform, Democrats argued, would be a win-win, extending coverage to millions of uninsured... Read More

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