Articles by Joshua Elder

Cashing In On the Kid in You

Graphic novels -- the bound, novel-length comic books -- are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. A brand new audience -- one composed primarily of teenagers reading imported Japanese manga and adults who go for more high-minded literary... Read More

From Reagan's Raiders to Tex!

In a year when the publishing world produced oodles of anti-Bush agitprop, Joshua Dysart and Brad Rader, the respective writer and artist of the independent comic book Tex! have penned the most unique anti-Bush polemic yet. Tex! portrays the... Read More

Liberal Noblesse Oblige

"Today, we say the only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush." --Senator Edward Kennedy, speaking at the 2004 Democratic National Convention In the weeks and months following September 11, a peculiar political animal... Read More

Hollywood's Idea Factory

The term "comic book movie" ranks as one of the most vitriolic epithets in the lexicon of film criticism. Critics use it to describe cinematic efforts filled with cornball dialog, simplistic plots of good versus evil, and an emphasis... Read More

Moonshine State

It's been more than thirty years since man last set foot on the moon. We planted a flag, collected a few rocks and then went home. And home is where we stayed. The space race had been won, after all.... Read More

Ambassador Superman

Throughout most of the Islamic world, truth and justice are not synonymous with the American way. This should not be surprising. After all, a biased Arab press disseminates a steady stream of lies about American war atrocities. And when the... Read More

Comic Book Wisdom

The X-Men, Marvel Comics' popular mutant heroes sworn to protect a world that hates and fears them, were declared "nonhuman creatures" in a Jan. 3 ruling by Judge Judith Barzilay of the U.S. Court of International Trade. This allowed Marvel... Read More

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