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This Year's Dumbest Political Idea....

We're only halfway through 2006, but the winner of this year's prize for the dumbest political idea can already be announced. Its originator is the British environment minister, David Miliband, who in a recent speech to the British Audit Commission... Read More

The Battle of Hamburger Hill

Ah, the strange paradox that is the European Commission. Where else would you find owners of four-wheel-drives claiming to fight for the environment? Or people earning astronomical salaries talking about equality as the cornerstone of the European social model? Sta Read More

Politician, Heal Thyself

In the past decade or so, Europe has been under siege from a crowd of tight-lipped, tight-bellied, mean-spirited activists. Like an army of Grinches, they've come to rob us of some of what makes life worth living. If they get... Read More

Thin Fizzy

Like a modern-day Wyatt Earp, the European Commission has a reputation for legislating first, and talking later. A perfect example of that attitude is the Commission's approach to the issue of the so-called "obesity epidemic". Ever since completing their legislativ Read More

The Pension Generation

A European pensions expert was once asked whether he thought Europeans would ever be willing to transform their expensive tax-funded systems into more sustainable fully funded systems. His answer: "Not until the young take up arms against the old." In... Read More

Why They Bomb Us

After the initial shock temporarily seemed to have numbed their senses, the so-called experts are back in force this week, trying to explain the inexplicable. Why, oh why do they bomb us? Naturally, the UKs progressive press had their explanations... Read More

TCS EU Summit Coverage: Summit of All Fears

This week's meeting of EU heads of state and government turned out to be a good one for some, a bad one for others. Here's a quick overview of the summit's main winners and losers: Winners 1. Jacques Chirac JC... Read More

Trackback to Freedom

NOTTINGHAM, England -- In the autumn of 1989, I took one of the most memorable courses of my entire university career. At the start, it was called "Communist Regimes"; by the end its title had changed to "Post-Communist regimes and... Read More

Free Khodorkovsky!

In his second Inaugural Address, President George W. Bush launched what we can now safely call the Bush Doctrine: the spread of democracy and liberty anywhere is in the self-interest of free societies everywhere. The sources of inspiration for this... Read More

What the Doctor Ordered

In a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal, former European Parliament President Pat Cox MEP called on Commission President José Manuel Barroso and his team to "give freedom its hour of expression and allow Europeans to discover and realize... Read More

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