Articles by Josie Appleton

Are We All Doomed?

Once, the apocalypse was an aberrant state of affairs, brought about by otherworldly forces. In traditional religion, some divine power burns up the earth and blacks out the sun, and creates a 'new heaven and a new earth' which is... Read More

Ice, Ice Baby

The Arctic is becoming a place of pilgrimage for those who want to raise awareness about global warming. David Cameron, leader of the UK Conservative Party, recently made a high-publicity trip north, negotiating the ice in a dog-sleigh to show... Read More

Venice In the Balance

This week, Venice in Peril, the British charity for the preservation of Venice, hosted a debate in London on the resolution, "Enough money has been spent saving Venice." The motion didn't pass, but in the world outside there is a... Read More

Secular Education Loses the Faith

Secular education produces kids who take drugs, get pregnant, and have no respect, physician and social affairs writer Dr. A Wahid recently told an audience of Muslim students in an east London lecture hall. The debate was organized by the... Read More

In Defence of the White Wires

Commentators are lining up to blame the iPod for ruining UK city life. In the Spectator recently, Henrietta Bredin lamented the fact that we were 'hooking ourselves up to those little white earphones to fill our heads with a... Read More

New Labour Looks Back

"Forward not back" is the Labour Party's election battle cry - so why is it looking to the party's past in search of identity? When it came into power in 1997, New Labour called year zero, an absolute break with... Read More

A Fitting Memorial to Diana

Two of the judges on the committee for the Diana memorial have broken rank to say that they should never have picked Kathryn Gustafson's ring-shaped waterway. Architect Edward Jones and art critic Richard Cork have argued that the submission... Read More

Trafalgar Square's Rebellious Statues

Trafalgar Square is the place in London where, for the past 160 years, the British establishment has paraded its heroes. Lord Nelson surveys the site from on high, with naval victories emblazoned on the base of his column. George... Read More

No Bones About It

When Manchester Museum recently handed four Aboriginal skulls over to a delegation of Aborigines, there were smiles all around. The museum said it was pleased to be making amends for its past; tribal leaders were elated to be giving... Read More

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