Articles by Judith Miller

The Other Election Issue

While Americans contemplate "fights to the finish" and "tense battles" between Democratic and Republican candidates in Tuesday's midterm elections, let's be sure to remember the real wars being waged against America and its allies in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Read More

Obama Declares War on Oil

The president has it wrong. The BP oil spill is not, as he implied in last night's speech, a new 9/11. Oil is not "assaulting our shores and our citizens," and we're not waging a "battle" against it. The oil catastrophe cannot and should not be compared to the war Read More

Are Latest TSA Regulations "Too Stupid for America"?

If you're flying overseas soon, or even thinking of flying and don't have time to watch the late night talk shows, Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, visit the TSA Web site for comic relief. The TSA, an acronym that appears... Read More

Don't Close Gitmo

It's been a busy summer at the detention center at the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base. The joint task force in charge of the 226 remaining detainees—they are never called "prisoners"—is spending about $440,000 to expand the recreation yards at Camp... Read More

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