Articles by Jurgen Reinhoudt

An Olympic Shift?

Addressing the nation in a televised address in the wake of his party's narrow re-election, Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis said that "You have given a clear mandate to New Democracy [the center-right party] to continue the changes and reforms... Read More

Towards Eco-Affluence: The Meaning of the 21st Century

It takes ambition (at a minimum) to write a book titled "The Meaning of the 21st century." James Martin, a graduate of Oxford who made a fortune in the computer industry, has done an admirable job in this endeavor:... Read More

Where the Left Is Moving Right

In Europe, reforms are in vogue. Though many special interests are fiercely resisting change, it is striking to see just how many European Social-Democrats have come to recognize the need for structural reforms to welfare states. Witness Gerhard Schroeder,... Read More

Winds of Reform Blowing Through France

Though no reforms have been passed into law by the French Parliament (yet), all signs in France are pointing towards a significant philosophical change at the top. Those yearning for economic reforms in France resemble Fox Mulder, the fictive FBI... Read More

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