Articles by Kamila Pajer

A Lose-Lose Compromise

Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz returned from the EU budget negotiations in Brussels at the end of December a proud and happy man, certain that he had worked out the best possible compromise and that the EU budget for the... Read More

Poland's Promised Land?

The results of the Sunday parliamentary elections in Poland were a bit of a surprise and caused some consternation even among the winners. The Law and Justice (PiS) party, which received nearly 30 percent of the votes, was unable... Read More

No Ordinary Shipyard

In the summer of 1980, after years of suffering under a regime that wasted their energy and suppressed their wills and minds, thousands of Polish workers in Warsaw, Swidnik, the Silesia region, Poznan, Lodz, Gdynia and many other cities and... Read More

Poland's Horror Without End

It is hot in Poland, and not because of summer -- though summer this year is really beautiful. It is because of the election campaigns for the parliament and the presidency planned for this autumn. And it is particularly because... Read More

A Blast from Communism's Past

To "celebrate" the first anniversary of Poland's accession to the European Union, Polish fishermen came up with something unusual. They established a "Crisis Headquarters" to defend their interests against the European Commission and the Polish Ministry of Agricult Read More

Cruise Control

What increases overall socio-economic welfare, improves economic competitiveness reduces environmental damage? Obviously, state control and taxes. Or at least that is the answer the OECD, EU transport ministers and even the US National Transportation Safety Board ( Read More

On States of Sin

Pope John Paul II's death over the weekend has produced an outpouring of grief around the world, and especially here in Poland, his native country. Thousands of people have been gathering in Polish cities, particularly in the places visited by... Read More

Save People, Not the System

If Socialists took over the Sahara, the old joke goes, there would soon be a shortage of sand. This innate ability to produce shortages shows itself in Europe's present health care situation. More and more people go to see doctors,... Read More

Allowing Families vs. Family Allowances

In Belgium resident parents receive family allowances: age supplements, sick or disabled child supplements and birth grants. In Denmark a protection scheme based on residency grants family allowances and supplements for full and half-orphans. Similar grants exist i Read More

VAT City

Poland's government is working on a new value-added-tax regulation and the minister of economy advertises it as an action towards "improvement of consumption demand." From that you might think that the VAT will be made lower, since lower taxes and... Read More

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