Articles by Karl Hess

Good Intentions Don't Mean Good Conservation

Voluntary, incentive-based conservation is a sure bet in the 107th Congress. It's a landowner-friendly idea that fits well with President Bush's environmental agenda of local control voiced earlier this week while in the Everglades. It's a concept that is... Read More

Endangered Grizzlies Could Return as the Good News Bears

Part Two of Two Click here to read Part One While George Bush was battling Al Gore in Florida last November, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service was quietly making conservation history. It put the U.S. Interior Department's seal... Read More

Rethinking and Repairing America's National Forests

President Bush made a sound conservation choice by letting stand President Clinton's ban on new road building on 58.5 million acres of national forest lands, while reserving the option to make needed amendments later. The decision is right politically.... Read More

A Tale of Two Earth Days

Earth Day is a time to challenge what is wrong and to celebrate what could be right with the planet we call home. Most of all, it is a time to learn -- a time to share a bounty of... Read More

Enviros' Search for Greens Will Take Them Somewhere Else

It's springtime in America, but for some safety, health, and environmental advocates, Washington looks anything but green. White House-ordered setbacks on allowable arsenic levels in drinking water, eased mining regulations on public lands, and abandoned CO2 emissi Read More

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