Articles by Keith Burgess-Jackson

The Logic of Torture

During the past few years, in the wake of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay, much has been written about torture, almost none of it, regrettably, philosophically edifying. May I help? Three Types of Question The most important thing to... Read More

The Chomsky Fallacy

Opinions, it's often said, are like anuses: Everybody has one. Should I pay attention to anyone else's opinion, given that I have my own, or given that I'm capable of forming my own? And if I do pay attention to... Read More

A Nader Voter... for Bush

Tuesday's presidential election will be the twelfth of my lifetime -- I was born in April 1957 -- and the eighth in which I have cast a ballot. I cast my first presidential ballot in 1976, when I was... Read More

I Read the News Today, Woe Boy...

Journalism -- the business or practice of producing news -- is undergoing a sea-change, but it's hard to detect because we're in the midst of it. (Sometimes it's hardest to see what's before one's eyes.) The old model of... Read More

Our Political San Andreas

Vietnam is America's fault line. Like San Andreas, everyone knows it's there, but it enters our collective consciousness only sporadically -- in the form of an earthquake. The most recent quakes were in 1992, when draft dodger Bill Clinton... Read More

Liberal Disingenuousness About the War in Iraq

Search though I may, I have yet to find the inferential path from "President Bush lied" to "The war in Iraq was unjustified" -- which makes me wonder why the first of these sentences is uttered so often. I... Read More

Paul Krugman's Entitlement Problem

Intellectual honesty compels one to acknowledge two things: first, weaknesses in one's position; and second, controversial assumptions on which one's position rests. Paul Krugman, the economist-cum-columnist, is routinely dishonest in both ways. For example, the o Read More

A Former Feminist Weighs the Wage Gap

The United States Census Bureau has just released statistics on occupational salaries. Here is an Associated Press report on the statistics (with a link to the Census). As you read the report, ask yourself whether the wage disparities discovered... Read More

Expiating Liberal Guilt

A recurring theme in liberal thought is that wealth and poverty are undeserved. Where we end up in the social hierarchy, liberals say, depends far more on happenstance than on merit. Some people are born to advantage, others to... Read More

The War Over the War in Iraq

Why are there different views of the morality of war in Iraq? Some people support it; some don't. Those who support it don't do so (as a rule) because they think war is good in itself. They support it... Read More

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