Keith Burgess-Jackson: June 2003 Archives

Is Taxation Theft?

My colleagues will not like my saying this, but philosophers are strange creatures. Some of the things we do -- such as answer questions with questions -- puzzle or antagonize people. For example, if someone asks a philosopher whether taxation... Read More

So Which Side Won?

Suppose my beloved Detroit Tigers meet the hated Atlanta Braves in the World Series. (Alas, it won't happen this year.) The best outcome for me is a four-game sweep by the Tigers. The worst outcome is a four-game sweep by... Read More

Why Liberals Think Conservatives Are Stoopid

Philosophers, like scientists, love puzzles. There is no disgrace in being puzzled. It is a normal, healthy reaction to a puzzling world. Puzzlement goes hand in hand with curiosity, which, while not a distinctively human trait, is one that humans... Read More

Bush's Critics Meet the Logic Police

In academic circles, there has been talk recently and much hand-wringing about what (if anything) philosophers can contribute to public discourse, particularly as it relates to the debate over the war in Iraq. Some people (including, unsurprisingly, many philosophe Read More

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