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Forced Impotence: Bolton Gets the Summers Treatment

The Capitol Hill hearings over John Bolton's nomination to serve as the United States ambassador to the United Nations fit the pattern of partisan and ideological attacks. The Democrats and Republican "moderates" -- some, wannabe Democrats -- having expended themse Read More

The Debate Begins

CLICK HERE to view the latest television ads from Progress For America and to find out how you can help. Last Armistice Day, I was on a panel to debate George Soros at Boston University. There was no Armistice,... Read More

The Better Part of Life

"The better part of one's life consists of friendship." This adage comes from Rumsfeld's Rules, which the man currently under fire attributes to that other Illinois politico - who was once under even more fire -- Abraham Lincoln. Don... Read More

Connecting Dots

When President Bush and Vice President Cheney appear before the 9/11 Commission today, they can justifiably claim they took prudent measures -- given the flimsy intelligence they'd received on terrorist threats against our homeland. Most importantly, once the atta Read More

A War Casualty We Can't Afford

What went wrong with the pre-war intelligence on Iraq?   That debate's now swirling around Washington. The congressional intelligence committees point fingers at the CIA, which is fingering the White House, which, in turn, is rebuking the Congress.   Bene Read More

They're 'Against Us'

Don't we have a right to know if a "friendly country" bankrolled the 9-11 attacks, and continues funding terrorists bent on destroying more of America?   Obviously so.   Then why is President George W. Bush hiding evidence of... Read More

Gipper Ship

NORFOLK, Virginia -- The commissioning of the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier on Saturday was a perfect blend of ceremony, reunion, and nostalgia. The ceremony was to activate into the fleet our 13th carrier -- a massive floating city and... Read More

SDI: The Next Generation

Recent revelations that North Korea is designing nuclear weapons to fit on its ballistic missiles are really bad news. Having the vilest weapons on earth controlled by the vilest tyrant on earth poses the #1 danger facing America today. Ditto... Read More

Is Iran Next?

Is Iran next? Yes -- at least I hope. But, no -- not like Iraq. Yes, Iran sure deserves going next, right onto the ash-heap of history. Since the fall of the Shah in 1979, the Iranian regime has... Read More

Remedial History Lessons

The greatest weapon of mass destruction has been destroyed by the Iraq war. It was Saddam Hussein's regime - history's biggest killer of Muslims, with upwards of 1,000,000 in the wars he launched, plus 300,000 (and counting) in the... Read More

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