Articles by Ken Yarmosh

Hello, My Name Is Bob, and I Check My Email While on the Toilet'

The Internet seems like an infinite source of information and knowledge, yet we often allow it and other digital technology to be infinitely distracting. Cell phones, e-mail, and IM are tried and true digital distractions. Today, that's advanced to... Read More

Goldilocks 2.0

Unless you have been hanging out in the back alleys of Internet geek-dom chances are you have never heard the term "Web 2.0." It's a phrase that has caused much confusion outside geek circles and significant debate within them.... Read More

Untangling the Web: Man Plus Machine

The Web is expanding at an incredible rate. According to Technorati, a leading blog search engine, the size of the "blogosphere" continues to double every six months. Technorati now claims to track over 37 million blogs, while Google says it... Read More

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